Space Decommission and Repurpose

BFA coordinates and manages space decommissions for clients like ISS, Jacobs Engineering, GE, Northrop Grumman, Colliers and many more. The BFA solution (referred to as Broom Sweep Services) offers a proven, professional, safe alternative to vacating your current office space, as part of an overall relocation process.




Solutions Include:

  • Complete Digital Asset Inventory
  • Disposition and Premarketing Plan
  • RFP Development when needed
  • Overall Project Management – (Relocation, decommission, furniture sale)
  • Insurance and Vendor Evaluation to Reduce Client Risks
  • Invoice Audit of all Vendors Involved
  • Lease Review and Interpretation for turning back keys to landlord
  • Furniture disassembly and removal management
  • Vacuum, spackle holes, clean floors, remove all trash and debris.
  • Depreciation review and furniture credits for new or used furniture purchases
  • Building logistics management and disposition furniture removal timeline

Clients Typically Benefit By:

  • Reducing Associated Risks with poor vendor selection
  • Reducing the number of Vendors in your space
  • Getting a reasonable return on your depreciated assets or eliminating removal costs
  • Working with a Professional company who manages hundreds of decommissions annually
  • Guaranteed space exit strategy eliminating any rent overrun issues or concerns.
  • Returning space as you entered it years before.
  • Reducing cost for this service by 50-75% on average
  • Reducing Landfill waste significantly as BFA SUSTAINS 90% of the assets they decommission.
  • Repurposing business assets to other national locations.