Relocation Project Management

Relocation and business transition can create a myriad of tasks, to do’s and challenges for a business growing, expanding or acquiring. With more than 50 years of facility services and relocation management experience, BFA provides it’s exclusive rpm-critical task list inclusive of more than 150 required move management responsibilities.



Business Furniture America designed and created BFA-RPM for the manager who doesn’t want to, nor can afford to fail. Following are a few of the challenges managers face with a business relocation project:

  • Managers fail to start the planning process early enough.
  • An inexperienced manager is tasked with the project.
  • Your existing furniture is not removed from the space and your landlord is imposing a rent penalty for the poor exit from the building, costing thousands of dollars.
  • As a manager, you have a full time job and full time family.
  • You need a space plan, furniture budget, decommission plan, colors and fabrics board, voice and data cabling solution, qualified vendor support team, design person, relocation time line, and someone who does this every day.
  • You have to ensure employees remain productive and efficient throughout the project.

RPM can Help in these areas-

  • Provide a detailed time line from managing your tenant improvement budget to returning your office keys to your current landlord.
  • Build a detailed design and space plan, inclusive of color boards and low voltage communications drops and requirements.
  • Present a new and or used furniture solution to the client using the BFA distribution and furniture resource network to save substantially on furniture.
  • Present the supplier and vendor quality selection process to the client which will assist in bringing only licensed, professional, insured partners into your new and or existing space.
  • Present the BFA-Critical Task List for the overall management and execution of the client’s relocation and furniture decommission project.