As a professional managing unique client needs for space design, space planning, building location, lease negotiation, and or day to day facility needs for a national or international company, you have significant objectives and tasks to complete to effectively meet and exceed expectations.




BFA works with many designers, real estate professionals and facility managers, providing furniture and project management support in areas they either lack the resources or time, or simply seek a company specialized in new or used furniture and facility services.

BFA is extremely knowledgeable with engaging stakeholders and learning what specific needs and business objectives a client is trying to achieve. Our experience in understanding feasibility studies, space utilization, furniture ergonomic requirements, space plans and design specifics, furniture selection and procurement, technology, move add change programming and overall business transition management, should qualify BFA for quoting your next need.

As an expert in your field of expertise, with countless details and contractors to manage, consider how BFA can serve you and your clients in these areas of specialization:

  • Space Decommissioning and Broom Sweep
  • Furniture Depreciation and Resale
  • Furniture Planning and Budgeting
  • Furniture Movement, Installation and Reconfiguration
  • Furniture Reconditioning, Restoration and Repurposing
  • Furniture Health and Safety Consult (Ergonomics)
  • Space Planning and Design
  • New and Used Furniture Resourcing and Installation
  • Relocation Project Management
  • Use Depreciated business assets as credits toward a new or
    used furniture solution

Above are 10 reasons to consider a discussion with the BFA team when evaluating a new space, building or facility related challenge. Consider that BFA regularly serves clients like Jacobs Engineering, ISS, GE, Numerex, SPPPumps, Colliers, CBRE, HydraDyne and many more, whose needs are as diverse as their offerings. BFA’s project coordination and management team can respond to any of your needs or questions immediately. Consider us available immediately by reaching out to us.