About Us

Family owned and operated, BFA has been in operation in the metro Atlanta area for over 25 years. From the first time a customer makes contact, throughout the lifetime of the relationship, BFA’s goal is to make the customer feel welcome, wanted, and appreciated. We want every customer’s experience with BFA to be pleasant, financially rewarding, and exceed their expectations.


Why Choose BFA?

Organization and Logistics.

BFA provides certified project managers, skilled space planners and on-site move managers.

Proven Success

Over 25 years of success serving Atlanta and national clients including: Amazon.com, Northrup Grumman, ISS, HP, Sony, Numerex, Fabric.com, Selig, JLL and many others.


We typically save clients 20-40% on relocation projects.


BFA takes environmental responsibility seriously. We avoid land-fills whenever possible, and we partner with manufacturers who are LEED certified.


Our clients love our creative, cost-effective solutions, which include: new, gently used furniture and complete project management solutions.

We Provide A Wide Range Of Exceptional Services, All Under One Roof.

  • A project manager to coordinate and supervise the numerous tasks involved in moving your business quickly and efficiently. We will manage the vendors, resolve issues, and communicate with the many people involved in a business move. We will act as a single point of for your executives and management, thus enhancing communication and accountability. We will keep your relocation on time and on budget. 
  • New and gently used furniture to meet the specialized needs of your business. BFA is unique because of our versatile and adaptive furniture solutions. We provide new furniture, gently used furniture, or a blend of both to offer you exactly what you need. We can save you thousands of dollars by analyzing your needs and providing a customized furniture solution designed specifically for your business. 
  • Expert installation of all major lines of new and gently used business furniture at a fraction of the cost of most business furniture providers. We have in-house certified installers in most regions of the country. 
  • Logistical support to integrate and manage inventory, material handling, packing and transportation in a customized sequence that ensures your business can continue to operate uninterrupted during the relocation process. 
  • Liquidation of unneeded furniture, equipment, and any other items no longer needed at your new location. We will remove, store, and liquidate the many items your business doesn’t want to move to the location. We often save businesses thousands of dollars in removal and landfill charges while sustaining the environment and your assets. 
  •  Warehousing of important company assets including furniture, equipment, inventory and file storage. With millions of square feet of partner-managed facilities, BFA will ensure that your valuable corporate assets remain safe in appropriate, affordable, and well-secured facilities.